Welcome to Miss Maguire’s K-8th grade Art Classes


Miss Maguire is our Art & Resource teacher.  She has been teaching in Catholic schools for the last 5 years, and has a passion for sharing her faith in the classroom.  She believes there is a spark of creative genius in every child. It is her goal help students recognize their unique talents so they can share them with the world. 

Students will learn or review the elements and principles of art. Students will experience a variety of methods this year including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and fiber arts. All of the lessons are based on the California Visual Arts Standards.

Elements of art
The elements of art are line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Artists manipulate these elements, mix them in with principles of design and compose a piece of art. Not every work has every last one of these elements contained within it, but there are always at least two present.

Principles of art
The principles of art are what happens to the elements when we make images. The principles use or arrangement of the elements of visual art. They are the visual relationships that occur when the elements come together into a work of art. They are not found in isolation.

Each year we host a Student Art Show to showcase the wonderful work of our students. It's a fun event for family and friends.


We also have many students submit art to the San Diego County Fair each year. 2016 featured an Alice in Wonderland theme, 'Mad About the Fair', in which our students had artwork displayed near Family Funville.


Oceanside Days of Art 
Oceanside Days of Art is a two-day fine arts festival held in beautiful downtown Oceanside. St Mary, Star of the Sea art students participate in the annual poster contest. This is a juried show for Oceanside K-12 schools. Many of our students are rewarded with ribbons and many of our students receive cash rewards for first or second place in the show.


Examples of Student Artwork

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